A Day To Remember (by JudyWonPhotography)

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Famous Monsters of Filmland #120

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That moment when you realize all your ink is in a storage unit that’s been upwards of a 100 degrees this summer and you haven’t been able to get it and it’s probably ruined and you’re really upset, but what does it matter anyways? You don’t have anything set up to do any printing because you living in a creative prison and have no space of your own. *sob cry get over it*


You’re not alone!

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Shipping containers after an earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku.

Japan, 2011

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"Observation. All my exes have settled.
Sorry, I’m all about being better than I was yesterday and if you wanna stay the same way then……meh."

I’m my soul mate

Getting my nipples pierced as soon as I get my CT Scan and get my health figured out a little better so they have time to heal appropriately! YAY!


I Capture You in the Sun
Théo Gosselin | Tumblr

This is way cute, I hope I can do these things one day with my significant other.

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